Well Done Cast page for Featured Extras. Frank Terzoli is knownby Top Chef fans as “Frankie the Bull,” after his appearance on the show during the second season. When Frankie’s not cooking, he may be heard singing Italian opera to his patrons. Hespeaks Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese fluently, and has been cooking his way to exotic locations like Nigeria. He is currently delighting the tastebuds with Cajun cooking at The Big Easy in San Diego. In addition to planning several fiery stunts in the kitchen for Well Done, Frank appeared in the cameo role of Uncle Hector. Kristin Schlick was last seen on screen in the short film Last Hand, Kristin has spent the majority of the last year traveling California performing with the Gypsy Theater Co. where she played such roles as Lila in Haunted Hallways, Sandra in Grape Expectations and Olivia in A Dicken's of a Christmas. Kristin is the 2004 Macy and Cappie Award winner for best comedic actress and best supporting actress for her role in Damn Yankees. Kristin is also an original cast member of The Golden Dream and A Song for Christmas, and her voice can be heard on both original cast recordings. J.G. Franklin is an actor/singer/songwriter who began his career in October 2006, with two stage plays. He has found work continuously since then, having completed 34 roles to date. He is the lead vocalist of GUNNER JUMP, a San diego rock/pop/country band. He has enjoyed success as a character actor and has potrayed various villains, doctors, scientists, a tough guy, businessmen, a SWAT team member and even a superhero. Geoffrey Cox played the Wine Connosseur in Well Done. He lives and works in the San Diego areaKelly Hunnewell grew up in Los Angeles. Her main interest has always been in self-improvement, knowledge and the upliftment of humanity through higher values and principles In Well Done, Kelly was kind enough to help Chef Nicholas understand the fairer sex.Brooke Toscano was born in Montreal, Quebec before moving to the U.S. She has appeared in several films and plays the part of Veronica in Well Done. Lexi Moore lives in San Diego and has been in dance classes since the age of four. After landing a big role in the second grade school play, she decided to enroll in a theatre class at the San Diego Junior Theatre. Lexi has a great love for animals and has helped raise money over the summers for a local Animal Shelter. She enjoys cheerleading, spending time with her family and their two dogs, and works in her Church Nursery.Cherlin Moore is a San Diego native who attended Clairemont High School. She resides with her husband, young daughter and their two dogs. She enjoys family bike rides down the boardwalk with their Chihuahua puppy, BeBe, riding in her basket and playing rock band with her family. She is an avid cooker and always enjoys learning new recipes for vegetarian dishes.Janet Miller is making her film debut with WellDone. Her other theatrical credit is Manette in the Clarkson College production of I Can Get it For You Wholesale. In real life she is the publisher of the Clairemont Community News and an avid live music fan. Nancy Linstead was the main Cake designer for Well Done. She also played Departing Customer #1. See some of her work by clicking the 'Cakes' tab above!Copyright 2010 Blue Gradient Productions - All Rights Reserved.